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An Inspired Existance.

For over 30 years I have created comfort, sparked imagination and nurtured the visions of those who allow me to. From service and repair to design and renovation, it is my pleasure to help bring paradise to your home.

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Themed Construction

Although normal is a mainstay, “Paradise” beckons. With over 25 years of experience finding, creating and a using existing art and effects to create intimate retreats, I am well versed in crafting personal spaces.

Weather its solitude, merriment or joy, I will find what you need, use what you have or create what you want, in order to bring paradise home.

 Asian • Indonesian • Tiki • Tribal • Western • Nautical • Man-Caves • Dames Dens • Hide Aways • Snuggeries

…or what ever makes your own personal “Haven at Home”.


    Starting just over a year ago, I have been allowed to made space at our local True Value of Larkfield to display and  sell some of my rare and creative finds.

    As a inspiration to your own creativity, I am continually making and displaying art and greenery for your enjoyment. 

    This season we are adding green houses, to sell and keep our green plants thriving.

    This True Value is a hidden gem, with its robust Military Surplus, Redwood Slabs and “Rare Finds” (antiques). They have been buying estates and rummaging through barns, before “Picking” was “Posh”. 

    Come check-out whats available and check back often for whats new.

    115 Lysta Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95403