Alex Reaney

Alex Reaney is a General and Electrical Contractor, who for over 30 years  has  been specializing in the design and renovation of distinctive interior and exterior spaces. The varying themes of his clients tastes only help to  inspire his efforts to satiate their aspirations. 

He uses his strong mechanical background, extraordinary imagination and  intense desire to create intimate and relaxing retreats. Oasis  of fire, water, color and comfort are what await his clients upon their return.

His  passion to “Bring Paradise Home” is what drives him, as he  constantly uses cherished personal artifacts, unusual architectural elements and creative automation to create whimsical distractions from the ordinary.

Raised in the conflicting mind sets of three generations and living with the successions of half a dozen more has inspired his love for diversity and the eclectic. And, while his rural upbringing suggests practical, his adventurousness demands fun. 

So, if you are hankering for a home-side escape, Alex is ready and willing to play.